Caribbean Content Must Be Pivotal in reflecting and driving DigitalCaribbean

I did a Twitter thread about what was in my head about Caribbean Content. Decided to share it here as well.

Status of #CaribbeanContent | A thread

1. There is a glaring need to disrupt old Caribbean Narratives that we have of ourselves and the limited view the world has of us. We can do that by creating content that reflects what I call the New Caribbean emerging….

2. This New Caribbean is going digital, becoming more inclusive, embracing its fringes like Cannabis, and falling in love with itself again….

3. I am personally happy to be seeing a consistent uptick and diversity in our Caribbean blogs, vlogs, and podcasts. But we NEED a lot more…a lot…

4. Fact is Caribbean Media generally needs a massive shakeup in ownership and range of digital content and I see that Covid19 has started to make the digital grounds shake even deeper and I’m here for it.

5. I want to see more blogs, vlogs, and podcasts, short videos, short films, docs of all kinds because we have so many unique Caribbean stories. We want them. The world wants them.

6. This is why I folded all that I’ve done in Caribbean Tech for the last 15 years with my SiliconCaribe brand…expanded my purview and started Rebel Grrl Media. Mission: amplify the richness in our Caribbean niches.

7. The knowledge, opportunities, digital tools, the global audience are there, especially now…what are you all going to do with it?  Have been doing with it?

8. We simply have to get better at showing our multi-dimensional selves to each other and the world. Show Those parts of the Caribbean especially, that’s Beyond the Beach.

9. And even as we expand what is the Caribbean, who are Caribbean people that are typical…great beaches, party central, your sweet-ass vacation spot, fly in for the best Ganja…how can we lean into those, flip them, interrogate them and show them very, very differently.

10. Been thinking about this for years. My sabbatical gave me more time to think, observe, research, & ask questions. We’re in a fantastic time to create and distribute Caribbean content thanks to digital. The abundance of white space makes my head spin with excitement! Let’s GO!

11. For me, this MUST be a huge part of what we see for ourselves as our #DigitalCaribbean emerges.

12. I remember when I first made a Caribbean Content call in 2007, there was a robust thread on @SiliconCaribe blog. And @davidmullings said: Who wants to start a “Caribbean Content Fund” to provide funding for content creators & then share in the profits? #JustSaying

13. In fact, lemme throwback some articles to jog some people’s memory. Throwback #1: Caribbean Tales To Incubate 10 Caribbean Digital Content Projects This Year!

14. Throwback #2: Global Internet Content Providers Turn Attention To The Caribbean…

Bevil Wooding and are quoted in this one.

15. Throwback #3 RealVibez And Reggae Entertainment TV Signs Content Deal.…

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