Innovative Strategies to design highly available, distributed and resilient IT systems

Beyond the current buzzword that is digital transformation, lies the real challenge of how businesses can pivot, survive, and keep serving their customers, especially now. Remote teams, working from home or independent locations in this accelerated always-on pandemic world, where social distancing and lockdown are current norms — now require digital access daily to a highly available, distributed, and resilient work environment.

As a result, IT systems are being placed closer to where the data is created and processed and this has been a disruptive trend called edge computing.  Edge computing presents new issues with many distributed systems in locations unstaffed by IT with new cyber and physical security demands and in environments not optimized for IT systems.

Caribbean Businesses are now being asked more than before, to enable their mobile workforce which means an increase in data center and broadband capacity, while also ensuring the protection of their networks.

Enters Schneider Electric a global company with local representatives in Jamaica that believes that access to energy and digital is a basic human right and demonstrates that vision, by providing energy and automation digital solutions, real-time automation, software, and services for Homes, Buildings, Data Centers and Infrastructure.

Earlier this year, Schneider launched the 6U Wall Mount EcoStruxure Micro Data Center designed for edge computing where space is at a premium and resiliency is a must. It allows large, heavy edge servers, networking equipment, and the UPS to be safely mounted on a wall, so it consumes zero floor space and is 60 percent less intrusive than traditional wall mount enclosures.

Shock packaging means partners and integrators can pre-install IT for quick and standardized rollouts, and its integrated dust filter and fan ventilation make it ideal for light industrial environments. The 6U Wall Mount empowers customers to support critical business operations in non-IT environments.

“With many distributed sites without expert staff on-site, Schneider Electric, with its next-generation management platform and ecosystem of partners, can ensure simplified remote monitoring and management ensuring resiliency and less operating costs,” said Jim Simonelli, SVP and Chief Technology Officer, Secure Power Division, Schneider Electric.

“With the EcoStruxure Micro Data Center 6U Wall Mount’s creative design and functionality, we are able to open up new possibilities to deploy resilient IT at the edge, making digital transformation a reality. A fully integrated EcoStruxure Data Center Solution, including EcoStruxure IT and Asset Advisor 24/7 remote monitoring and services, ensures resiliency in the cloud and at the edge.”

So as people make drastic changes by work from or staying close to home, they are heavily reliant on networks where traffic has drastically increased. This has often meant facing disruption such as poor connections and wants to understand how they can improve their working from home experience.

Up until now, business networks and residential networks have pretty much been isolated from each other. Business networks didnt have to deal with a lot of the things in homes that consumed bandwidth.

Schneider Electric is about empowering the digital transformation process of our customers by ensuring their critical network, systems and processes are highly resilient.  They solve Edge Computing Challenges with New 6U Wall Mount EcoStruxure Micro Data Center:

  • First-to-market EcoStruxure™ Micro Data Center C-Series 6U Wall Mount features a low-profile design, making it 60 percent less intrusive while allowing large edge servers to be mounted.
  • Additionally, the new EcoStruxure IT Expert Device Security Vulnerability Assessment enhances cybersecurity.
  • EcoStruxure™ continues its evolution with a simplified and complete portfolio for the data center from the cloud to the edge.

Schneider Electric’s latest evolution of integrated systems such as the EcoStruxure Data Center Solutions bring together power, cooling, racks, and management to support the deployment of distributed IT networks in all environments from small edge applications to hyper-scale cloud data centers.

They bring to market the first-of-its-kind EcoStruxure Micro Data Center in a 6U wall-mount model, designed to support large edge servers in a low-profile cabinet that maximizes floor space.

Four fast, flexible, manageable, and configurable solutions that are highly secure and use the latest management technology:

Self-contained, single-rack enclosure inclusive of remote monitoring and management, services, physical security, UPS, power distribution, and cooling devices for a fast, simple, and customized way to design, deploy and manage edge computing solutions in multiple environments

Pre-engineered single row solutions to modernize infrastructure are highly configurable and scalable encompassing racks, power, cooling, and management systems, removing time and complexity from design to installation and operation in multiple environments

Innovative rack-ready pod systems to deploy IT at scale offer simple integration with a variety of cooling and power configurations resulting in a simplified design and installation process and up to 15 percent reduction in CapEx cost

Prefabricated, pretested solutions delivered as functional building blocks of power, IT, or all-in-one data centers delivering flexible and predictable deployment and the ability to scale capacity quickly.

See it all at work right here in this VIDEO:


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